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Season 2


Motivation 101

Prof. Uri Alon

  • Group leader

  • Biological Circuitry

  • Stand Up

Alfred-Wegener-Institut : Martin Schille

Credit: Alfred Wegener Institute / Martin Schiller

Secrets of the Deep Sea

Prof. Antje Boetius

  • Director of AWI

  • Marine biologist

  • Deep sea explorer

Inverse Vaccines -

A new approach to prevent and treat food allergies

Final headshot.png

Chitavi Maulloo

  • Entrepreneur

  • Engineer

  • Stand-up comedy enthusiast

Placenta - One target to improve two lives.


Dr. Sferruzzi-Perri

  • Group leader

  • Placenta expert

  • Winner of the Hans Sigrist Prize

Sabrina rund schwierig.jpg

Fitness for scientists

Sabrina Rohringer

  • Full time scientist

  • PhD candidate

  • Salsation trainer


How the Boston marathon bombings, inspired game changing innovation for the repair of traumatic ear drum damage.

Nicole Black, PhD

  • Bio-Engineer

  • Entrepreneur

  • Implant designer

Nino headshot.jpg

Coming soon.

Heart-valves that grow with the patient.

Dr. Nino Jejelava

  • Process management engineer

  • Entrepreneur

  • Classically trained pianist

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