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Season 1

Empowering women by

freeing knowledge from literacy.

Felicitas Heyne

  • brilliant psychologist

  • Bestseller author

  • Founder of audiopedia


Ancient DNA, the history of our species

and the story of a 25000 year old Siberian boy.

Dr. Maanasa Raghavan

  • high tech geneticist

  • PI and team leader

  • Founder of GenSCAPE lab


 Sinjar  سنجار  شنگال

Leading a film crew in Iraki Kurdistan

Anna Bofarull & Heiko Kraft

  • Writer

  • Director

  • Producer


Learning to move - The Neuroscience behind our most basic accomplishments.

Opher Donchin, PhD

  • PI Neuroscience

  • Mathematician

  • Aikidoka

How a seemingly small price saved and entire project.

Noellia Weisstaub, PhD

  • independent investigator

  • Ben Barres Spotlight Award recipient
Noelia W 3 2.jpg

Yoga for scientists and engineers.

Shiri Yaniv, PhD

  • Scientific editor

  • Ex-Researcher

  • Yoga teacher


Wan Chi Lau

  • Developer

  • Entrepreneur

  • Problem shape recognition

Problem shape recognition -

what food banks, cement trucks, surgical

scheduling and theme parks have in common.

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